The IMO in cooperation with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed a modell to estimate emissions from maritime activities within ports.

This models are documented and can be downloaded under:



This comprehensive methodology that considers emissions from a range of sources, including ocean-going vessels, harbor craft, cargo handling equipment, and on-road vehicles is implemented inside porttracker.co

The first step is to develop an inventory of port activities, which includes the number of vessels, harbor craft, cargo handling equipment, and on-road vehicles operating within the port.

The next step is to develop emissions factors for each activity included in the inventory. Emissions factors are estimates of the amount of emissions generated per unit of activity, and they are based on various factors, such as fuel type, engine technology, and operating conditions.

The third step is to collect data on the activity levels and characteristics of the vessels, harbor craft, cargo handling equipment, and on-road vehicles operating within the port. This data includes factors such as fuel consumption, engine specifications, and operating hours. For the water related emissions we use our own AIS Network or public data sources like AIS Hub, for rail and trucks we are working together with our partner www.searoutes.com

The final step is to use the emissions factors and activity data to calculate emissions from each activity within the port. The emissions are estimated by multiplying the activity levels by the emissions factors.

Porttracker.co helps you estimate emission inside ports

The IMO / EPA methodology is designed to estimate emissions from port-related activities and is widely used by port authorities and regulatory agencies in the United States. It provides a comprehensive and flexible framework for estimating emissions, which can be tailored to the specific characteristics of individual ports.

porttracker.co is doing this calculation on an hourly basis – so it is a near realtime tool to estimate emission inside ports for ocean going vessels, harbour crafts, cargo handling, rail and trucks. 

You can get a live demo for some ports under:


Port emission Inventory Tool (Open source)

We have released our port emission developments under an open source licence. You can download our port emission inventory tool on github just visit:  https://github.com/Navisense/poeminv

Please send use your feedback and contribute to this development.

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